Health Points, also known as HP, are the number of damage you can take without dieing. As you level up, you get health points, and your pet gains health points when it levels up. You heal at around 5 HP per 20 seconds, but your pet can only heal HP with Island Fruit, Wild Berries, and Raw Meat. There are also items which you can buy that heal you.

A list of items that heal HP:

Name Price Heals Amount
Wild Berries Drop Pet 20 HP
Island Fruit Drop Pet 60 HP
Raw Meat Drop Pet 150 HP
Healing Herb 15 Gold You 20 HP
Small Healing Potion 75 Gold You 60 HP
Large Healing Potion 250 Gold You 150 HP

Health Points per Level:

Level HP
1 50
2 80
3 110
4 140
5 170
6 200
29 890
30 920

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